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CSI provides Web development and advanced online functions to healthcare providers and organizations that seek a maximum return from their Internet investment. Our projects result in valuable experiences for users and immensely effective, outcome-oriented solutions for clients. They also create sustainable business value.

How a healthcare organization looks and performs on the Internet speaks volumes about its character. A patient's perception about the provider's services can be quickly influenced by the quality and interactivity he or she experiences online. Users also insist on the ability to quickly and easily achieve results.

CSI's developers, programmers, consultants, and designers are experts in building elegant Web sites and advanced, Web-based functions that deliver maximum interactivity. Because our sites are built to the individual specifications of each client, they are successful and highly differentiating. They are also completely portable.

For 40 years, members of the CSI team have helped healthcare organizations throughout the United States inform consumers and build important relationships. No other company can offer the same level of healthcare experience and capabilities, together with the quality and service CSI consistently delivers.

Cutting-Edge Business Development Programs

Our team members have worked with some of the most prominent names in healthcare, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Many clients large and small significantly increase their market share and build reputational capital year after year by using CSI's healthcare communications services. Often comprised of organizational identity work, Web redevelopment, marketing, and custom search advertising, these individualized programs have resulted in enormous boosts in patient volume for healthcare providers nationally.

Custom search alone requires a tornado shift in thinking about the cost effectiveness of advertising, how it's measured, and how it's targeted. These programs utilize sponsored search or pay-per-click technologies. Instead of looking for an audience with your advertising, you get an audience that is looking for you! The results can be remarkable, and profoundly influence business outcomes.

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